Why Humidify for Electronics...

How these systems improve process control and your bottom line profitability for the electronics industry. 

Tuesday November 13, 2018
2:00 PM EST

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Who Should Attend:

Engineers, Facility Managers, Architects, Human Resource Managers, Building Occupants.


New advances in humidification technology offer more than just ESD control, current systems improve process control and increase energy savings which directly impacts your company’s bottom line profitability.

These systems are designed to provide industry recognized ideal RH levels with tightly controlled variances while helping to minimize ESD, brittle material, dimensional stability, and desoldering issues. An additional benefit that current humidification systems provide is free evaporative cooling which reduces the load on facility HVAC systems thereby significantly lowering utility costs and improving your bottom line profitability.

Webinar Take Aways:

•Humidity control is an essential component of your ESD and manufacturing processes.

•Increase quality levels.

•Gain free cooling through evaporative humidification.

•Significant savings and rebates.

•Improve ROI through reduced utility expenses.

•Greater peace of mind.

Business Development Manager - Electronics, Aerospace, and Defense
Nortec Humidity Ltd.

Presenter: Richard (Ryk) Williams

Branch Manager

Vyron Corporation

Presenter: Jason Boatman

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